Bang the gavel. Learn the secrets. Drink. Repeat.

Whether you have a lifetime of debauchery under your belt, or are just a goodie-little-two-shoes, Judge Your Friends is the hilarious party game that's easy to play and always a good time. Just bang the gavel, learn the secrets, and find out who your "Friends" really are.

Judge Your 'Friends' Party Game

The judgemental party game where you learn who your “friends” really are.

So how do you play?

We've taken a concept you know (and love), given it a few performance-enhancing drugs, and a gavel. You think you know all the skeletons in your 'friend's' closet? Just wait until you hear the crazy stories they've been dying for a chance to tell.

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Game Review by Just Kidding Party and Steve Greene:

Bang the gavel.Learn the secrets.Drink.Repeat.

Judge Your ‘Friends’ is a party game where you learn who your friends really are. This game is designed to tease out memories and experiences that might not come up in everyday conversation. Each scenario card is an opportunity to learn more about your nearest and dearest as well as new friends and acquaintances.

Judge Your 'Friends' Game - Ages 18+, 2-8 Players, Game Includes: 1 Gavel, 2 Coasters, 8 Guilty Cards/8 Not Guilty Cards, 400 Scenarios, Fat stack of cash